Dial the access number with local area code of where you are calling.

If none of the codes corresponds to the area from where you are calling, you can use the 1-800 number at the end of the list.

Select your area code:

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How to activate my account?

  • Activate now!!
    • Click the menu button that says "Activate your account" or any button Activate Now
    • Enter your personal details and password so you can access the system.
  • Enter the credit amount
    • Register your credit card information that will be charged for the international calls service.
    • Enter the credit amount you want to pre-pay and the phone numbers you will be making calls from. Click the "Continue" button.

Talk with the best quality and price.

  • Check your data
    • On the page that appears, check that you entered information is correct, if so, select the "Continue".
  • Check your Email
    • Hola America will send a confirmation email of your transaction. In this email you will also find a list of local access numbers to call in order to use our service.