Dial the access number with local area code of where you are calling.

If none of the codes corresponds to the area from where you are calling, you can use the 1-800 number at the end of the list.

Select your area code:

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Automatic Recharge

Activating this function, you will never run out of balance! When your balance is lower than $5, the system will automatically recharge your account and you will continue talking! You define the number of automatic recharges in the month and the amount of them. This way, you will be always in control!

  • On you first Automatic Recharge we give you extra 15% of the amount.
  • Number of Auto Recharge at your choice.
  • You chose the amount of the Automatic Recharge.
  • You will never run out of minutes again.
  • Activating the Automatic Recharge is completely free.
  • Activate and deactivate the Automatic Recharge from you account.

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