Dial the access number with local area code of where you are calling.

If none of the codes corresponds to the area from where you are calling, you can use the 1-800 number at the end of the list.

Select your area code:

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Speed Dial!

  • You can program you account with the access number from Hola America and with the destination number in your country.
  • You save on your phone the access number with the name you want, for example: mom. You can save up to 10 phone numbers.
  • When you want to call your country, you just have to dial the number you save and you will be automatically connected.

To make international calls.

  • Dial the Hola America Access Number you have saved in your phone associated with the phone Number of the person you want to call, and you will automatically be talking with your country.
  • Remember, you can program up to 10 phone numbers for your country...!

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To program Quick Dial.

  • On your account, select any of your registered phones in your Hola America account.

  • For each Hola America access number box, register one destination number in your country. When you are registering this number, include all the necessary codes. Example: 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number.

  • Save on your pone the Access Number of Hola America with the name of the person of the destination phone Number. Example: 866-463-5702 / Mom.

Hola America Access Number Destination Number in your country
01159342339009 Mom's Phone
01159342339010 Hernan's Phone