Dial the access number with local area code of where you are calling.

If none of the codes corresponds to the area from where you are calling, you can use the 1-800 number at the end of the list.

Select your area code:

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  • Call History

    Take the online control of all calls you make by Hola America. The report details the date and time the call is made, the phone number you used and the number you called.

  • Payment History

    With this feature, you can review the details of all your recharges, including the received bonuses. It is a online statement, which allows you to control your international calls expenses.

  • Referral Program

    Keeps track of people you have referred and tells you which of them have already activate and made you win $5 bonus in your account. It also lets you send emails to your referrals, to remind them to activate.

  • Automatic Recharge

    When activating this function, you'll never run out of balance! When your balance is below $ 5, the system will automatically recharge your account and you will continue talking.

  • Speed Dial!

    Call your most beloved people of your country, by pressing a single key. Save time and call instantly without dialing the access number.

  • Phone Recharge. (Coming soon)

    Recharge directly from your phone using our automated system.

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